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Newcomers to the crypto economy are facing many challenges today, ranging from

We are launching to people in 20 coutries. If you are a resident of those countries you will be able to find the best and most suitable way to buy and use crypto within your country and according to your investment profile.

Crypto Country Rating

Coincub has a decentralized team of analysts and editors compiling and updating a country-by-country rating for the crypto economy worldwide, allowing you to see how crypto-friendly individual countries are to Bitcoin and the crypto economy.

The Country Crypto Rating is based on societal parameters such as: government policy, financial sector acceptance, prevailing tax laws, regulations, and legal requirements, as well as data such as numbers of the population dealing in the crypto marketplace and outlets for spending or exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Even though Bitcoin is a conceptually borderless technology, differences in legislation and regulatory frameworks across the globe mean that a user’s jurisdiction heavily affects the way they can interact with the crypto economy.

We shed light on difficult but relevant topics such as legal frameworks, taxation policies and regulatory issues that influence the perception and activities of a crypto investor, whether professional or casual. Coincub provides personalized advice depending on where you are in the world.

Crypto Exchange Rating

Bitcoin transaction fees are variable. Exchanges have profited through this variability, increasing fees as crypto prices surge. It’s not easy for many of you to determine how much crypto your fiat currency will buy at any given point. One major news article highlighted how, following several transactions, an initial $1000 USD secured only $900 worth of bitcoin in the user’s wallet. Fees are notoriously difficult to parse, sometimes leading to losses in value that are material for our users.

Coincub takes on the uncertainty of transaction fees, giving first-time users clarity of how much their outlay will buy relevant to how, when and where they buy.

In addition to its custom Country Crypto rating, we will also list reviews of the best crypto exchanges available in any single country based on parameters such as fees, security, customer support, usability, insurance, reputation and longevity.

As exchanges become global they may start offering services worldwide, but that’s not the case for all of them today. Some residents go through the hassle of opening an account through a VPN to a certain exchange, just to be completely uncovered and unprotected once there is a problem with their account or they try to redraw money.

Coincub aims to change this scenario by providing real-time service availability in your country of residence.

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