Coincub’s Global Crypto Ranking 2021

Global Crypto Ranking Top 20

This list is subject to multiple ever-changing factors. Over time, we expect that the positions and placement of countries on this list will change. That said, the 2021 top 20 list is based on in-depth research and, we hope, accurately reflects the real world. In this list, we take a look at the countries that show the highest levels of crypto acceptance and activity.

Criteria & Methodology

Let it never be said we do things haphazardly at Coincub. After a lot of agonizing, we’ve come up with 18 separate criteria to determine how crypto-friendly a country is. We’ve tried to combine hard data and critical analysis of current trends to create an in-depth overview. Above all, we wanted to create reviews that are meaningful for residents looking to puzzle out byzantine tax laws and financial regulations.

Criteria and Methodology Ranking — Coincub



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